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Coney Island Kid – a strong theme album with The Mommyheads

The Mommyheads: Coney Island Kid

Fanfar! releases the new LP with The Mommyheads. The band’s fifteenth studio album is their first theme record.

In the back streets of progressive pop, New York’s The Mommyheads are kings. Although the band has been around, with an extended break after their big break, since the 1980s, few people have heard or heard of them. This may be due to the band’s strong integrity or something else. In fact, those of us who have followed them closely have seen an amazing evolution; there’s no end to the desire to explore and experiment.

On the new Coney Island Kid, the band’s frontman Adam Elk returns to his childhood and growing up in Coney Island. Simply put, it’s something of a theme or concept album.

The record is also a natural follow-up to last year’s LP, the fantastic Genius Killer, which sneaks up on the listener and quite unnoticeably attaches itself to the heart. Coney Island Kid has the potential to be the same milestone.

You can order Coney Island Kid directly from us or ask for it at your local record store.

Video from Coney Island Kid

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