Michael Holt at the piano

Michael Holt

Michael Holt is a singer-songwriter, he plays piano and sings in The Mommyheads and he is also a composer of music in classical style. We are proud to have released his double album 24 Preludes for Piano.

Michael Holt was born in Boston in 1968 and grew up in New York. Michael learned to play the piano at an early age and while still in high school he helped form the band The Connotations, which gained some attention in New York and played regularly at clubs like CBGB. The Connotations ended as a band in 1988.

After that, Michael Holt co-founded the band Pajama Garden, together with the drummer from The Connotations – Dan Fisherman. As a band, Pajama Garden was short-lived and instead Michael Holt and Dan Fisherman began playing in The Mommyheads. The following year, 1991, Michael Holt also released his first solo album; an album titled Pajama Garden.

As well as playing piano, singing chorus and solo and writing some material in The Mommyheads, Michael has kept alive his role as a solo artist. He has, alone and with others, recorded a number of albums. For many years, he has also conducted home-to-home tours, in an explicit attempt to experience music in community and conversation with other people.

Michael Holt has a deep love of music and a strong ambition to develop both his artistic expression and his technical skills. An interest in classical music drove him to write piano pieces in the classical style, resulting in the double album 24 Preludes for Piano, which Fanfar! has published in Europe.

Please visit his website for tour dates etc.