Orphans of the Ash (Zal Cleminson and Billy McGonagle)

Orphans of the Ash

Orphans of the Ash are from Glasgow and consist of Zal Cleminson and Billy McGonagle. Their music is a poetic encounter with modern metal.

Orphans of the Ash is a collaboration between Zal Cleminson and Billy McGonagle, two experienced musicians with roots in Glasgow. Their music has been described – perhaps mainly by themselves – as Glasgow Grunge, Misanthropic Metal, Dystopian Angst, Subconscious Jazz. The truth lies somewhere in between.

Orphans of the Ash have previously released their debut “Ellipsis” on their own label, but now it comes in an exclusive LP edition and a completely remastered version for digital streaming services on Fanfar! The band says their main goal is to continue making music with a back-to-basics approach and perhaps perform live.

The remastered “Ellipsis” was released on digital platforms on January 1, 2024 and will be released on vinyl later this spring.