The Mommyheads live in Göteborg on September 2, 2019

The Mommyheads in Göteborg September 2, 2019

The legendary indie pop band The Mommyheads returns to Sweden and will play together with Love On Drugs at Holy Moly in Göteborg on September 2. Welcome to Transatlantic Love.

Since their reunion, the American indie pop legends The Mommyheads have had a special relationship with Sweden and the dedicated fans around the country.

In conjunction with the fact that Fanfar! releases the new album Future You The Mommyheads will be touring in Scandinavia. This is the fourth stop and the place is Holy Moly on Andra Långgatan 31 in Göteborg (Gothenburg).

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The Mommyheads will play with Love On Drugs

Transatlantic Love is a new everyday club for those who like being able to sit just one meter away from the artist and may also get a chance to talk to them during the evening. A bit like a “house concert” but in a public place.

This night, The Mommyheads will be headlining with the support of Love On Drugs. German Folkworld sums up the music like this: ”This is on the rockier side of folk-rock. They definitely establish a nice groove, which gives this the edge over many other bands you hear playing in club land”.

Love On Drugs is indie pop with catchy choruses and a splash of earthy americana.

Love On Drugs: Solder


Monday September 2, 2019. 19:00-23:00.


Holy Moly, Andra Långgatan 31, Göteborg


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