The Mommyheads live in Odense on September 5, 2019

The Mommyheads in Odense September 5, 2019

Indie pop legends The Mommyheads will come to Odense and play pieces from their new album “Future You” as well as nuggets from their long-lasting career. See you at Anarkist Beer & Food Lab on September 5.

Since their reunion, the American indie pop legends The Mommyheads have had a special relationship with Scandinavia and the dedicated fans around this part of Europe.

In conjunction with the fact that Fanfar! releases the new album Future You The Mommyheads will be touring in Scandinavia. This is the seventh stop and the place is Anarkist Beer & Food Lab in Odense.

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The Mommyheads will play with Caper Clowns and Pet The Camel

The gig in Odense will be supported by Caper Clowns and Pet The Camel.

Caper Clown: A Salty Taste To The Lake


Thursday September 5, 2019. Doors open at 7 p.m. and first band will be on stage at 8.


Anarkist Beer & Food Lab, Albanigade 20, Odense


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