22 för många: Yrkesmördare i livets tjänst


Swedish post-punk at its best. Pioneering, controversial 22 för många made their first studio recording on a summer day in 1981 and released it as a cassette album. A tape that has long been talked about as completely impossible to get hold of. Now “Yrkesmördare i livet tjänst” comes on fully analogue handled vinyl, as if it had been released on “a real record label” – back in 1981.

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Henrik Franzén, known from the Swedish punk band Grisen Skriker, started 22 för många in Stockholm in the early 1980s with guitarist Mikael Söderlund and bassist Catarina Silverforsen. The band stood in contrast to the conventional rock scene by mixing poetry and theatre with idiosyncratic post-punk.

22 för många quickly became known for their energetic music and Henrik’s provocative stage performances, which provoked strong reactions. The band made both enemies and devoted fans. They were played extensively on Swedish Radio P3‘s ‘Ny Våg’ and became an important part of the post-punk subculture.

“Yrkesmördare i livets tjänst” (Professional killers in the service of life) is an extremely ambitious reissue of 22 för många’s first release, the self-titled first cassette LP from 1981. A piece of mythologised Swedish music history that in our time exists in only one known copy and whose master tape has long been considered lost. However, the disc’s executive producer Conny Nimmersjö dug through old containers and actually found the reel-to-reel tape from Studio Humlan. The recording was then handled by Rainer Maillard and Claire Sidney Meyer at Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin to make the master and matrix with analogue transmission in focus. The aim has been to recreate 22 för många’s first studio recording as if it had been released on disc in 1981. Kai Seemann of Speakers Corner Records has been extremely helpful in this process.

This is a complete audiophile experience. Who would have thought that about a cassette LP with 22 för många?!

The cover is gatefold and contains several previously unpublished pictures of the band.

The album will be released by Fanfar! on the 9th of February 2024.

You can already pre-order the disc now. Delivery will take place in connection with the release date.

Songs on “Yrkesmördare i livets tjänst”

Side A

  1. Anti-Apati (Anti-Apathy)
  2. Världen går under… (The world is ending…)
  3. Tefatsmännen (The Saucer Men)
  4. Tio minuter kvar (Ten Minutes Left)
  5. Till elvorna (roughly To the Elves)

Side B

  1. Den tröstlösa amputationen (The Comfortless Amputation)
  2. Jag älskar dig som besatt (I Love You Like Crazy)
  3. Giget på 4:an (The Gig on the 4th)
  4. Världens hopp (The Hope of the World)
  5. Resterna (The Leftovers)

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