Cantona Gut System: Yoko: The Best Beatle


The nightmare is not over yet. Robert Johnson and Johan Skugge from the deceased band Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks have resurrected from the dead and brought the music of the future to life as Cantona Gut System. The album Yoko: The Best Beatle is their debut.

Release date is April 30, 2020.


With the debut album “Yoko: The Best Beatle”, Cantona Gut System opens our eyes to the downfall. A record where everything is at max – the raw as well as the restrained.

A couple of years ago Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks put an end to their two decades history and the band’s career was crowned by a series of very cinematic albums. With Cantona Gut System, Robert Johnson and Johan Skugge return to music and collaboration. In the new constellation, they bring with them their strong sense of visualizing music, and turn the dial a few more notches. “Yoko: The Best Beatle” is possibly the soundtrack to your worst nightmares.

The record is slowly sinking through hundreds of years of blues, rock and experimental popular music. And this century of references does not necessarily take its starting point in the year 2020. Cantona Gut System also covers the future – the cover states the years 1928-2028.

Music with scent and taste. Brutal and whispering. A blow to the stomach and a breath of fresh air. Low-resolution music with extreme precision.

“Yoko: The Best Beatle” is produced by Johan Skugge. Released on LP with gatefold cover and digital.

First edition with gatefold sleeve is limited to 300 copies.

Released on April 30, 2020.


Side A

  1. Mex Pistols (05:20)
  2. Hoosegow (06:34)
  3. Ashes Hauled (03:16)
  4. Cabbage (02:16)

Side B

  1. Future Slut (02:39)
  2. Gut Bucket (02:07)
  3. Woof Ticket (02:06)
  4. Mex Pistols (Tonbruket version) (06:02)


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