KC BABY: Lila blå


Lila blå is the debut from KC BABY, the love child from sound artist Kajsa Magnarsson and Bob Hund guitarist Conny Nimmersjö. An album of thundering whisper.



KC BABY makes passive-aggressive music for grown ups. The duo consists of Kajsa Magnarsson and Conny Nimmersjö. They play synth, sampler, guitar and sing in Swedish.

Conny Nimmersjö is most famous as a guitarist in Bob Hund and Kajsa Magnarsson is an internationally acclaimed sound artist.

KC BABY’s music holds a distracting stillness. The songs can whisper and be smooth, but listen carefully and you’ll notice that it chafes and stings under the surface. There’s a loving openness for breaking patterns and conventions. KC BABY is not distanced.

KC BABY is the small band with the big feelings.

The debut album Lila blå (Purple Blue”) is recorded in Studio Cobra and produced by Christian Gabel.


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