Michael Holt: 24 Preludes for Piano


The amazing double album 24 Preludes for Piano is Michael Holt’s debut as a composer in classical style.

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It’s a masterpiece in 25 (!) parts, Michael Holt’s double album 24 Preludes for Piano.

Michael Holt is one of the singers and the pianists of the legendary American band The Mommyheads. Apart from that he’s a singer-songwriter with a large number of records and tours in his own name behind him.

But Michael Holt is also a composer of piano music in classical style. He is inspired by composers like Aleksandr Skrjabin, Erik Satie and Johann Sebastian Bach. Still, the strong sense of artistry and originality is present in Michael Holt’s classical compositions.

This double album was recorded in The Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto.


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