Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks: Morte di Seeburg


An album acclaimed for its cinematic qualities, Robert Johnson and Punchdrunk’s closing album Morte di Seeburg is a masterful soundtrack to a film that never was.



The eleventh and final album by Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks, Morte di Seeburg, is also the group’s strongest. This LP is the perfect soundtrack for your inner Italian 70’s thriller.

Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks were formed in 1992 and were one of the premier representatives of the Swedish garage and surf scene. But through the group’s career you’ll notice a clear desire to challenge the expected. Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks have gradually become a melting pot of pop culture from around the world – while at the same time developed a strong identity of their own.

Although Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks says farewell with Morte di Seeburg, the group leaves a fantastic last album behind them. An album that is in equal parts an Italian pulp soundtrack, a French disco single and a sequal to the group’s previous album, the masterpiece Cimetière Pour Les Vivants (Törncrantz Rock’N’Roll 2012).

The LP Morte di Seeburg is issued in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies.

The album was produced by Johan Skugge and mastered by Philip Granqvist.


  1. La Piu Bella Garotta (David Silva)
  2. Delirium Bullonate (Robert Johnson)
  3. Rabbia Fuori Controllo (Robert Johnson)
  4. La Danza Del Chontaduro (David Silva)
  5. Dub Della Pallottola d’Argento (Per Thorsell)
  6. Il Rapinatore (Per Thorsell)
  7. Alcorub (Robert Johnson)
  8. Survol (François de Roubaix)
  9. La Morte Per Dub (Robert Johnson)
  10. Il Cieco, Il Sordo, Il Stupido (Per Thorsell)
  11. Rabbia Finale (Robert Johnson)


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