Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks: Solna, Texas 1992-2022


Legendary instrumental rockers Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks are celebrating their 30th anniversary with an exclusive compilation album.


Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks are celebrating their 30th anniversary and they’ve picked their own favourites from the extensive catalogue. The result is the exclusive Solna, Texas 1992-2022 collection.

On November 3, 1992, Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks were born. The band’s roots were in Solna and its epicenter of Swedish garage rock, but frontman Robert Johnson and his friends wanted to do more than look back at the rock of the ’60s. Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks have always looked in all directions of music, going their own way and often breaking expected patterns.

To commemorate Robert Johnson and Punchdrunk and their thirty years of achievement, we are now releasing an exclusive compilation album. Robert Johnson has chosen his favourites, Conny Nimmersjö has unearthed the songs in their best condition and ensured they’ve been re-mastered into a sharp whole.

Gatefold cover, golden 180 gram vinyl and a quality worthy of a real anniversary.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

Release date: December 9, 2022

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Tracklist for Solna, Texas 1992-2022

  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 2:28
  • Delirium Bullonate 3:03
  • Hauptstrasse 155 3:44
  • Surf As Houdini 2:02
  • Oddball 2:46
  • Ali Pang 2:26
  • Rabbia Fuori Controllo 3:31
  • Scientifically Raw 2:48
  • Dub Pour Mme Seigner 5:18
  • Sputnik Monroe 1:50
  • Tired of Thurston 3:14
  • Assault On Decent Culture 3:17
  • Buzz Aldrin 1:36
  • Dr Who 2:28


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