The Mommyheads: Age of Isolation


US indie pop legends The Mommyheads releases their new LP on the Swedish label Fanfar! “Age of Isolation” reflects our time’s worries about the future and meets it with fantastic and beautiful music.

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The New York band The Mommyheads was formed as early as 1987 and has never stopped developing, always seeking new ways in their music. The new album “Age of Isolation” adds another phase to The Mommyhead’s already kaleidoscopic catalog. While last year’s “New Kings of Pop” was a collection of classically chiseled pop songs, “Age of Isolation” is a decidedly chilly story, dominated by alienating synths and foreboding lyrics. Your thoughts slip away to a meeting between ELO’s Jeff Lynne and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman.

The ten songs on “Age of Isolation” are double-edged. Love songs meet desolate melancholy; the sweet, romantic hides something ghostlike. This is how it sounds when a band breathes life into a mechanical, barren futurescape. At the same time, what defines The Mommyheads remains. They invent new melodies, there’s plenty of earworm hooks and sonic frenzy.

All the desperation sounds downright fun!

Release date

Release date for “Age of Isolation” in the EU is September 27, 2021.


Side A

  • TV Dinner
  • Last Silver Dollar
  • Don’t Ignore the Air
  • Age of Isolation
  • Statues (Paintings, Poems and Books)

Side B

  • Out of the Cave
  • Am I Too Comfortable
  • Shift in the Astral Plane
  • Twists and Turns
  • Amnesia Collective


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