The Mommyheads: Coney Island Kid


The cult art rock band The Mommyheads release Coney Island Kid – the most ambitious album of the group’s career.

A watershed moment for The Mommyheads, Coney Island Kid is the venerable New York City-based band’s fifteenth studio LP and the first to be oriented towards a concept album. Highlights include the distinctive Why Are You Smiling – “a song about questioning social norms and expectations”.

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With Coney Island Kid the legendary indie pop band The Mommyheads are crowning their career with the most ambitious album of the group’s nearly four-decade-long career.

Coney Island Kid is the fifteenth studio album by The Mommyheads and is the first to resemble a classic concept or theme album. One of many strong songs on the album is Why Are You Smiling, which is also being released as a music video – directed by The Mommyheads founder and frontman Adam Elk. The video premiered on Brooklyn Vegan.

“Why Aren’t You Smiling is a song about questioning social norms and expectations,” says Adam Elk. “It’s about how we are always expected to smile and stay calm when everything around us seems to be in complete chaos. We assume we have the best of intentions when we react to extreme events. We are unaware that our microscopic expressions tell completely different stories. We hired a slow motion camera to capture all these wonderfully revealing and brutal expressions, which are generally invisible to the naked eye.”

Release date

Coney Island Kid is released on LP by Fanfar! and is pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies. The release date for Coney Island Kid in Europe is September 29, 2023.

Tracks on Coney Island Kid

Side A

  1. Coney Island Kid
  2. Artificial Island
  3. Spookarama
  4. Solemn By The Sea
  5. Suburban Office Park

Side B

  1. Learning To Leave
  2. Why Aren’t You Smiling
  3. Such Beautiful Things
  4. Onset, MA
  5. Soul’s Aqaurium


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