The Mommyheads: Genius Killer


The Mommyheads is the band that never stagnates, that continues to explore new musical ground regardless of the laws of nature or aesthetics. The new album Genius Killer consolidates the feeling that this is an artistry that peaks all the time. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER.

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. As record production all over the world suffers from major delivery problems, we can’t say when this LP will be ready to be delivered to you. You can support us and the band by pre-ordering the album. It will then be shipped as soon as it is ready.

Release date

Release date for the streaming version of “Genius Killer” in the EU is October 21, 2022. Release date for the exclusive LP edition is unknown at the moment.

The album is pressed in a strictly limited edition of 200 copies. White 140 gram vinyl.

Tracklist for “Genius Killer”

Side A

  • Impulse Item 06:13
  • Genius Killer 04:29
  • She’s a Fighter 05:15
  • We Almost Lost it All 05:03
  • Distill Your Love Into That Dying Light 04:44

Side B

  • Idealist 04:53
  • Privilege 03:30
  • Bittersweet 05:00
  • One and the Same 05:24
  • First Five Seconds 05:20


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