The Mommyheads: New Kings of Pop


The New York band The Mommyheads continues to pick pop pearls from their magic box. The LP New Kings of Pop is another strong masterpiece in the borderland between the freaked out and the very familiar.

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One of the main names in American indie pop is The Mommyheads and with the album New Kings of Pop they consolidate their position as both archaeologists and innovators. The band manages to mix influences from the big names of pop history – such as The Beatles and Queen – with an irrepressible joy of discovery.

Listening to The Mommyheads is like stepping into a kaleidoscope of the ear, where anything can happen – and actually does happen.

The title track is a nod to the group’s stubborn struggle to continue playing, without necessarily hoping for a big breakthrough. The album also includes pianist Michael Holt’s tribute to Greta Thunberg, a song in the genre that doesn’t require a shame pillow.

The group was formed in New York in 1987. After a long hiatus, The Mommyheads was re-formed around 2006 and has been active since then.

Release date

The release date for New Kings of Pop is August 14, 2020.


Side A

  1. Speaker Heart (04:13)
  2. Speck Among Giants (04:14)
  3. Take Me As I Am (04:27)
  4. New Kings Of Pop (04:14)
  5. Ugly Things (05:32)

Side B

  1. Greta Thunberg (03:30)
  2. Forensic Hero Deconstruction (05:20)
  3. Out From Under The Glass (04:12)
  4. Flame To The Moth (04:43)
  5. Focus Group (05:53)


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