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One in a Million is a strong sign of life from KC BABY

KC BABY: One in a Million - 1 / 1 000 000

The summer starts with a strong sign of life from KC BABY, the small band with the big emotions. 1 / 1 000 000 (One in a Million) is the title of their new single.

With their new single and video, KC BABY want to tell you that they are alive and well. More music to come. An album is scheduled to be recorded this fall.

1 / 1,000,000 (pronounced “One in a Million”) is about the good and bad of settling for what you have.

Kajsa Magnarsson plays synth and sings, Conny Nimmersjö plays guitar and sings chorus, Christian Gabel has produced and recorded in Studio Cobra, and David Sabel plays bass.

1 / 1 000 000 is a summery indie song to sing along to. Kajsa is delighted to have brought in a house piano. Conny is mostly just delighted.

Video by Astrid Askberger.

KC BABY: 1 / 1 000 000, video by Astrid Askberger


Artist: KC BABY
Title: 1 / 1 000 000 (En på en miljon, One in a Million)
Format: Digital single
Release: 2022-06-03
Producer: Christian Gabel
Cover: Esther Jemth
Photo: Hampus Andersson (photographer), Sara Björnstedt (stylist)