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Enhänta Bödlar turns 40 and plays at Rönnells in Stockholm

Enhänta Bödlar

One of Sweden’s first bands in industrial music, Enhänta Bödlar, was formed forty years ago and this is celebrated with a gig at Rönnells in Stockholm.

Valiant Dunkeldäld, also known by his stage name Uddah-Buddah, formed Enhänta Bödlar in 1982. Home-recorded cassettes were distributed through classified ads in the music press and soon the band achieved some notoriety for their extreme, synth- and noise-based music. In the first few years, the release rate was high and already in 1984 the LP Ogreish Guttural Wounds was released. In the later part of the 80s, the signs of life from Enhänta Bödlar slowed down, but in 2007 both the LP Akustisk böldpest and the CD Narkotisk nattvard were released.

Uddah-Buddah was back – not least on stage. After the long absence and the fact that the band’s early efforts as industry pioneers spiked the reputation, the demand for Enhänta Bödlar has increased internationally. In recent years, Enhänta Bödlar have played in Lithuania and the US, among other places.

Now Fanfar! together with Rönnells antikvariat in Stockholm, celebrates the 40th anniversary of Enhänta Bödlar. Welcome to Rönnells on Tuesday 6 December.


Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Doors open at 18:30, concert around 19:30, doors closes 21:00.


Rönnells antikvariat, Birger Jarlsgatan 32, Stockholm.


100 SEK